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CURED CONVERSATION CLUB: Episode 1. At CURED we’re having a series of discussions to delve into the ‘Science of Delivery'. With  Roger Joby, Ruchi Singh, David Bryde and Simon Taylor.

CURED CONVERSATION CLUB: Episode 2. In our second CURED conversation, we are talking about contracts with Glenn Hide.

CURED CONVERSATION CLUB: Episode 4. In our fourth CURED conversation, we are talking with Adrian Pyne about agile project management.

ICR Code of Practice - The CURED Framework: 

The CURED framework represents a bold new move in delivering maturity and capability to better manage clinical trials that involve collaboration between a sponsor organisation and a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO).

Individuals’ behaviour has a critical effect on project success, and in the academic world this is often referred to as relational risk and there are various theories like principal-agent theory that are used to describe the consequences of these undesirable behavioural traits.

Our research, that informed the development of the CURED framework, coupled with our extensive practical experience, identified 5 major areas where we can tackle the issues of relational risk i.e. Contract, Understanding, Resource Education and Delegation.

CURED is based on empirical evidence generated through rigorously sound internationally recognised academic research. 

CURED is aimed at both sponsor and CROs – from key decision-makers to clinical research assistants –in fact, anyone who has an interest in increasing the efficiency of the drug development process.

We believe that the launch of this ICR Code of Practice is the first step in dramatically improving the project success of clinical trials by enhancing the effectiveness of the relationships of key stakeholders.

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