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We have collaborated with industry experts in clinical research and with the Sponsor of this Code of Practice, the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) to develop tools to operationalise CURED.


These will help you quantitatively optimise the way you grow project management and organisational capability, delivering clinical research

projects more efficiently.


The first tool is a

Capability Heat-map which

allows you to prioritise CURED embedment based on where your business is in its ability to adapt and change. If you can only do three things, do these - in this example c5, c7 and c4.

f_thin copy.jpg

We have identified successful outcomes from each of our Capability Meds, using these guidelines gives you a choice to tackle your own key issues and functional areas, de-risking change apathy, and providing the tangible data-driven evidence to make

sure you stay on the positive

growth curve.



CURED is a digitally powered maturity framework. We gather key data points from your trials and business performance that help shape CURED to quickly get the most significant benefits. We establish a baseline and aspirational target based on your specific needs and then track your progress throughout the deployment and beyond. You get to see how you are getting better at clinical trials and the tangible benefits CURED brings.

Have a play with the dashboard

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